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September 1, 2020 Project Progress Meeting

The project team, ARKK Engineers, Costello, and Freese/Nichols presented an updated on the status of the City of Bellaire Master Drainage Concept Plan to the City of Bellaire Flood Mitigation Task Force. The meeting was conducted telephonically and was broadcasted on the City of Bellaire’s website. Click on PDF link below to view slide deck from the presentation.

July 27, 2020 Project Progress Meeting

The project team, ARKK Engineers, Costello, and Freese/Nichols presented an update on the status of the City of Bellaire Master Drainage Plan to the City of Bellaire, Harris County Flood Control, and TxDot. The progress meeting consisted of a general update on the concept memo, a review of the three drainage improvement concept alignments, a discussion of pros and cons for each concept and also a presentation of  a high level cost estimate for the 10-year and 100-year storm sewer systems.

The time and format for the first public meeting was also discussed. It was proposed that the City of Bellaire Flood Mitigation Task Force Meeting schedule for August 25, 2020 serve as the first public meeting. This option will be discussed at the next progress meeting.


June 1, 2020 Project Progress Meeting

The project team, ARKK Engineers, Costello, and Freese/Nichols presented an update on the status of the City of Bellaire Master Drainage Plan to the Bellaire City Council. Below is a link to the presentation slide deck as well as a video recording of the presentation.

March 6, 2020 Project Progress Meeting
ARKK, Costello and Freese/Nichols met Friday, March 6th to discuss multiple storm water improvement solutions for the project area. Below is a summary of the meeting.

  • Discussed alignment alternatives and revisions to first draft based on four alignment Options

  • Chose Options 3 and 4 as general alignments to evaluate moving forward. Both options include improvements for traditional flood control methods as well as tunnels.
    • Option 3 (Rename Alternative A) – Involves a main flood control channel down Railroad Ditch or Kilamonack Ditch to Brays Bayou. Option 3 will also evaluate large storm sewer or tunnel to convey flow from Bellaire and areas to the north to Cypress ditch. Local storm sewers on southside of Bellaire to Cypress Ditch.

    • Option 4 (Rename Alternative B) - Main Tunnel under I610 to HCFCD regional pond at Brays. Collect as much with remaining city draining to Newcastle/railroad ditch/new ditch on east side.

  • Discussed possible expansion of Kilamorneck Ditch into Centerpoint easement. Need to setup meeting with Centerpoint to discuss possibility. First develop a general layout exhibit to discuss with them.

  • Discuss possible regional detention on west side with COH.

  • Need to evaluate overflows from Westpark into Bellaire (at Newcastle).

  • Test Alternative sizing both with and without COH Chimney Rock improvements.

December 9, 2019 Engineering Team Kick-off Meeting
ARKK, Costello and Freese/Nichols met Monday December 9 for an initial engineering team meeting. We discussed the initial tasks we would perform including the development of the web site to provide updates, schedules, meeting dates and citizen/stakeholder input.


Below is the proposed work order for current on-going task with milestones for the Master Drainage Concept Plan. Stakeholder project kick-off meeting tentative for January 9th, 2020 10:00 AM at the City of Bellaire City Hall. This meeting would include the engineering team, City of Bellaire staff, HCFCD and TxDOT.


Concept Plan:

  • Feb 1 - Developing sub-basin divides and compute flow rates for major collection locations for each system.  Deliver overall watershed map with drainage divides and peak flow rates (10 and 100-year) at major locations of collection for each north-south system.

    • City of Houston Chimney Rock study will be used to develop initial computation of sheet flow from the west of the city.

    • HCFCD study for W129-00-00 improvements will be used to estimate an overflow into Bellaire using the high points within the LiDAR

    • COH 2008 Overland Drainage Patterns data will be utilized to determine preliminary overland flow routes and quantities.

  • Feb 10th - Project Team to review computations and to brainstorm proposed alternatives

  • Feb 24th - Project Team to narrow alternatives to 6 to present to stakeholders in Initial Screening Workshop

  • March 1 - Final Concept Design Memo with applicable exhibits and computations to allow for public meeting latter in March


  • Jan 31 - Begin collection of survey along Cypress Ditch per scope of work

  • We will wait on survey of storm for further development of concept plan

Data Collection:

  • Request latest Project Brays hydrology and hydraulic models

  • ARKK and CI to investigate and review current information on main stem storm sewer systems

  • CI coordination with TxDOT on 610 drainage plans

Existing Condition:

  • CI to begin developing existing condition hydrologic and hydraulic models



Harris County Interlocal Agreement


November 18, 2019 Agenda Statement for the Approval of the Engineering Agreement for the Bellaire Master Drainage Concept Plan


February 4, 2019 State of the City


October 2, 2017 Hurricane Harvey Storm Event Report